Chris Lynch

Hello, I'm Chris. I'm a technologist, CTO, and start-up founder.

I write books for adults and books for children. I also write comics, TV shows, and movies.

I'm a hypnotist, a food-blogger, podcaster, public speaker, prize-winning essayist, and general nuisance.

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Books Out Now

Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns
Lethbridge Stewart: Lineage
The Truth About SEO


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Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns

The circus is coming to town – and it may never leave. Lucy Wilson is just about getting used to life in Ogmore-by-Sea. School, homework, friends, and the occasional alien... It’s not easy being the new girl in town but, with the help of her steadfast...


My first novel for adults was "The Magpye", a superhero/horror genre mashup that was released at the Cardiff Horror Convention "SCardiff". My second novel for adults is an upcoming instalment in the Laughing Gnome series from Candy Jar. Bringing Lucy and her world to an adult...

Tech Startup Founder

I didn't realise I was a serial entrepreneur until I became one, founding my second business whilst still running my first. During my time running Gravit-e I realised there was a market for a new type of service, aimed specifically at smaller businesses who needed...

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Lynch is a Chief Technology Officer specialising in eCommerce and digital transformation with over two decades of experience working in the public and private sector across a wide variety of industries.

Comics Writer

My comics writing career started many years ago when I co-created/co-founded the seminal UK horror anthology Monkeys with Machineguns. I also edited the Red Cross genre-fiction charity Anthology “Hammer of Time”. Monkeys with Machineguns produced horror comics at a time when everyone said horror comics were dead...

Screen Writing

The transition from writing comics to writing screenplays was a very natural one. Not only are the formats almost identical, but the majority of the biggest films of the past ten years have started out as comic books so I feel I'm in good company! I...

Chris Lynch: Children's Author

My career as a children's author began with Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns. Set in the world of Doctor Who, in particular the Haisman Universe published by Candy Jar, Curse of the Mirror Clowns is a classic children's tale of invisible alien clowns...
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